Step After Step

It’s Thursday, 16th August 2018. For any A-Level college/sixth form student, everyone knows what today is. My phone buzzes with its tinkling tune, letting me know it’s 7:30 and time to wake up. Switching off my alarm my stomach churns as I remember that today is the day. The day I’ve been waiting for since June. The day which could change my entire future…

I’ve always been so anxious for results day. I remember how nervous I was last year for my AS results. After getting an E in English Literature, I was praying to every God out there that the same thing wouldn’t happen again. Leaving the house at 9 this morning, I was already prepared to search through Clearing and have an interview at Winchester with a portfolio in hand, to see whether they’d consider to accept me despite my results.

In the car, on the way to my college, I scrolled through the ‘ALevelsResultsDay2018’ hashtag on Twitter. Many people had logged onto their UCAS Track to see if their chosen university had confirmed their place. With butterflies dancing in my stomach and my heart racing at two hundred miles an hour, I logged into Track…

…and discovered that Winchester had confirmed my place! I hadn’t even received my results and I already knew I was on my way to Winchester in September.

The butterflies calmed, my heartbeat slowed as I realised what this meant. My life-long dream is coming true. I did enough to be accepted. Winchester wants me. All that’s left to do now is to find out how I did. Although, at this point I wasn’t too fussed what I got. Whatever I did, it was enough.

The rain spits down on me as a power walk to the entrance of the college. The sooner I had the white envelope with my name and address on it, the sooner the anticipation will all be over. Showing my Student ID card, the almighty envelope was handed to me. Protecting it from the rain, I rushed back to the car where my parents were waiting for me. There was a deadened atmosphere in the car. You could hear a pin drop. Everyone was so focused on the envelope of fate which rested in my hands. I couldn’t even hear the rain outside, hammering on the windows and creating a water track. Droplets raced each other down the glass.

I opened the envelope. Three pieces of paper were inside: 2 AQAs and 1 WJEC. I thoroughly examined them. Three C’s. I achieved three C’s. I was more than chuffed with myself seeing as I thought I did horribly in the exams. I worked out that I was a few points short of my entry requirements but Winchester must’ve thought it was enough. I could hear the rain now, the calming, pitter-patter on the roof and windows. Life outside seemed to resume.

After hearing that I had failed my driving theory test this week (by two sodding marks, may I add), it just goes to show that two years of hard work really pays off. I can finally stop worrying. I can finally say with certainty that I’m going to uni. I can finally say I’m beginning a new chapter of my life. Now, I truly am a teenager stepping into adulthood. From here on, it’s just a step further each time…


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