I’m Still A Child, Just With A Drinking Permit

When I woke up this morning, it wasn’t until I saw the pink balloon with the number ’18’ hanging on my door when I remembered that I am eighteen. It was my birthday yesterday and the fact that I’m an adult, still hasn’t quite sunken in yet. All day I was in denial. When someone said, “How does it feel to be an adult?” I’d reply with, “I’m not an adult, I’m a child with a drinking permit.” (I saw a Tumblr post once saying that and I thought it was perfectly accurate.) Even though my aunt and uncle bought me a mug saying, ‘OMG I’m an adult’, I still beg to differ.

All I asked for this year was either university things or money. I’m so grateful for everything I received. Chantal, my sister, bought me stationary, a waffle/toastie maker and an electric whisk which would all come in handy for university. She even bought me a Betty Crocker brownie mix. Free brownies at my flat on the 16th?

My aunt and uncle came down to stay and celebrated with us during the morning for a birthday breakfast. I managed to buy a small tablet/laptop for lectures and seminars with the money they had given me. My grandparents bought me a beautiful necklace with my birthstone, a peridot. We FaceTimed them whilst we were at the table having birthday cake so it really felt like they were with us.

I cried at the card my dad gave to me. It was so heartwarming and beautiful. He has a wonderful way with words. Unfortunately, my tears set my dad, my auntie and my mum off too. Chantal didn’t cry. If a Lush was crying and three Gilmores were crying, we have no idea where Chantal comes from. As well as the card, Dad also gave me a ‘duck board’. In our house, we have a wooden board in the shape of a duck and it’s been with us ever since I can remember- we usually use it to put toast or other bread on it. Now I have my own one to take with me to uni. It will definitely remind me of home.

A gift my mum bought me was a lap-tray but not any lap-tray, a tray with pictures of our family dog, Lexie. Now when I’m at uni, it will feel like she is still with me, begging for food like always (the cheeky bugger.) The other thing Mum gave me was a collection of her recipes. From her delicious spaghetti bolognaise to her sticky toffee pudding, it was all here. As well as her recipes she also included tips of what to do and not to do- very handy for an independent university student.

Later on that day, we had reservations at our local Bill’s restaurant. Nan, Grandad and my boyfriend, Jarrod, all joined Mum, Dad, Chantal and I, where I had my first legal drink. (I had an amaretto cocktail which was amazing!) Jarrod bought me a Polaroid camera and film and a bottle of Jack Daniels. His parents also kindly bought me a Jack Wills voucher- totally spoilt! 

We ordered a meat and vegetarian sharing platter to start. The meat one included nibbles like chicken and the veggie one included things such as halloumi sticks and focaccia bread, Each platter had a ‘purple pesto’, hummus and a tomato salsa to dip as well. Very tasty! I ordered a macaroni cheese (which I had been thinking about all week) and Jarrod and my Nan ordered the same. Despite the dish not having much of a sauce like usual, it was still very nice. Jarrod and I shared a dessert and so did my Nan and Grandad. We both ordered a ‘chocolate bombe’. It was a chocolate dome over vanilla and chocolate ice cream with brownie and honeycomb pieces in a tall tub. Salted caramel sauce poured directly over the chocolate dome to melt the chocolate and ooze into the tub. Very sweet but very yummy! The whole night was so chill and relaxed. Good food with good company in a cosy restaurant. I was so happy, I don’t think I stopped smiling.

Like anything though, all good things must come to an end. We dropped Jarrod off then Nan and Grandad dropped us home. I crashed onto my bed as soon as I hit the door and I just lied on my back, staring at the ceiling, thinking how amazing my birthday had been. I’m so grateful for everything that happened yesterday, and for such a wonderful 18th birthday, I never wanted it to end!

Although, I suppose I can’t be in denial all my life, can I? Another step into adulthood. Next step: University!


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