Lost Voices

(PROMPT: IMAGE ABOVE (Good old Muse))

I see the shadows of a million voices surrounding me. haunting me, tempting me. Young people, old people, good people, bad people. Like a portal to the dead. Only the echoes of the deceased. So many lost souls in t-poses staring into the abyss and never being able to speak or do again. The sun casts their deathly shadows, mimicking Death’s trail of loved ones. 

Everyone else walks on, living the rest of their day as though they cannot see what I can. They cannot see the destruction, the despair, the depression. It’s like these shadows of the dead are painted in invisible ink and the sun is the ultra-violet light. Ink and light which only I can see. I.. and I alone. 


This was a task I was set for my publishing module on my course which I had to post to the blog I set up on Tumblr. However, I quite liked the piece I had produced so I thought why not post it to my main blog? I might add a few pieces of my writing on here- eagle-eyed people may have noticed that I have a ‘Writing’ tab on my homepage now. This way it can build my confidence to share my work. (I currently hate work-shopping with the class and am not very confident at all!)


I hope you enjoyed this small extract. Thanks for reading!


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