End of Semester & Christmas Festivities

After a lot of procrastination, staring at computer screens and reading until I had headaches, all my assignments for semester one were officially all submitted on Tuesday evening. It was tough to say the least. At one point I thought I’d never finish on time with the amount of time-consuming referencing I had to do for essays and rationales! Nevertheless, I have a month long break where Christmas can finally begin!

Christmas this year for me is quite busy. The main reason why is I’m flying to New York for a week with Jarrod and his parents. I haven’t been further than Spain before so this is all very exciting! But I also haven’t set foot in an airport in eleven years- and I was seven, where I didn’t have to worry about anything- so everything is a new experience. The anxieties of getting lost, following the wrong people, (like Kevin in Home Alone 2!) losing my passport/ESTA confirmation, leaving my purse behind, people sneaking drugs into my bag through customs etc. etc. have all begun to set in with it only being three days away until we fly. Because I get distracted easily, (I was terrible in Covent Garden with all the Christmas lights, when we went to see Love Actually in Concert) Jarrod and I have joked now and then saying that he has the responsibility of looking after me like a parent looking after a child! If I was bad in London for Love Actually, god only knows (bad pun…?) how bad I’ll be at Heathrow Airport!

I’m glad to be back for Christmas though. As wonderful as Christmas in New York might be, nothing beats Christmas at home with the ones you love, watching Christmassy, feel-good movies, winter scented candles warming up the house with their comforting aroma. Baking gingerbread men or helping with the grand Christmas Eve/Day cooking whilst it’s cold and rainy outside (or if you live in a particularly lucky part of the world, whilst delicate snowflakes fall from the dark sky- England envies you!) The atmosphere is full of joy and love. Christmas, after all, is the most wonderful time of the year.


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