My Top 5 Christmas Movies

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and is the one time where my true tackiness shines through, whether it’s ugly Christmas jumpers, decorating my room with as many lights as possible or going over the top with Christmas shopping. Everyone is just so happy around this time, decorating the tree with shimmering lights and baubles and tinsel, the house smells amazing from all the winter spices, the aroma of  the Christmas dinner, baking- and of course, everyone loves the eating!

As you can tell from the title, this post is about my favourite movies to watch around the festive season. There’s something so magical and special about Christmas films, snuggling under a blanket with your friends and family and perhaps even passing round a sharing box of chocolates, (Roses are my go-to!) with that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach- although if that warm fuzzy feeling turns into sickness, it’s probably because you’ve eaten too many chocolates! But that’s what Christmas is all about. If you’re not feeling sick by 4 p.m., you’re not doing it right!

Growing up, Chantal and I never watched the popular children’s movies like How The Grinch Stole Christmas or Elf or Home Alone (I’m ready for all your judgement. I get it from my friends each year there’s nothing I cannot handle by now!) However, I have recently watched Home Alone 1 & 2 and after, I wondered how on Earth hadn’t I seen it sooner!  My taste in Christmas movies is more feel-good than anything, so all of the movies listed below (ranked from my least favourite to my all time favourite) are the films which get me in the festive spirit and make me want to cosy up with a hot chocolate. If you like feel-good movies, you’ll love this blog post!

5. Arthur Christmas

I remember seeing this movie in the cinema with my mum and Chantal when it first came out and I was completely blown away by the imagination of the writers to create a story so contemporary and upgraded to the 21st Century about the greatest legend there is- Santa. Instead of the standard reindeer and sleigh; a huge ship, the elves deliver the presents with all the technology to ensure they don’t get caught by the children. However, Arthur brings traditional back and takes a present to the one remaining child whose toy hadn’t been delivered, by taking the old sleigh and the reindeer with the previous Santa Claus and Bryony, a curious elf with an insane wrapping ability, to the child’s location. This movie is full of adventure and ups and downs but it really does make you feel warm at the end which is why it’s on my top five.

4. Home Alone

As I have said previously, I am guilty of only seeing this movie this year… BUT I am so glad I finally watched it because it has become one of my favourites to watch. (Plus I’m judged slightly less by my friends… and Jarrod in particular!) Whilst most kids would wish their family would disappear and regret saying it afterwards, there is no regret for Kevin McAllister when he wakes up to find that his family had disappeared and went holiday and forgot him. Even when Kevin is building traps and threatening the robbers that break into his house, he seems fearless. The setting, the music and the funny moments are what makes this movie fantastic. It’s definitely a movie to enjoy surrounded by friends and family.

3. The Holiday

I first discovered this movie after watching a Zoella video a few years ago where she went through her favourite Christmas movies. I was browsing in HMV not long after that and I decided to pick up The Holiday to see what it was like and I never thought for a second it would turn out to be one of my favourite movies altogether, not just for Christmas. Cameron Diaz’s character, Amanda, and Kate Winslet’s character, Iris, do a house swap during Christmastime and along the way they both end up with something they didn’t bargain for. Love… AKA Jude Law and Jack Black. It is a happy romantic-comedy full of heartwarming moments. If you love romantic comedies and you love Christmas, you will LOVE The Holiday.

2. Love Actually

Where do I even begin with this movie? There’s only one reason why this one isn’t my top favourite which I will explain in a minute. Love Actually has got to be the best feel-good movie to ever exist. I love how it changes backwards and forwards to different locations, England, America, France, Portugal. The way of splitting up characters’ stories throughout the movie which then comes to a resolution right at the very end is clever as well. It really makes you connect with the characters. The music is outstanding as well. I recently went to see Love Actually in Concert at Theatre Royal in London and it has to be one of the greatest nights of my life. A live orchestra played all the music as we watched the movie and it was completely mesmerising to hear one of my favourite soundtracks being played live. During the overture I even got a little emotional! The movie itself acts as a pick-me-up whenever I feel down, so sometimes I don’t just watch Love Actually at Christmastime, I watch it throughout the year.

1.The Polar Express.

Last but no means least, my all time favourite is The Polar Express. The reason why this one is at the top of my list is because it truly defines the excitement and joy of Christmas Eve with Christmas Day being only one sleep away. It is a tradition in our house that we watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve only. No earlier. No later. I feel like if I watched it any earlier it would ruin the magic almost. (If you are one of these people now it’s my turn to judge you!) This movie lives up to every childhood dream; meeting Santa! The music is beautiful and Josh Groban’s ‘Believe’ at the end of the movie is actually my favourite Christmas song. With lots of adventure, Christmas spirit and a little magic, this movie represents everything festive. It’s a movie I’ve watched every year since a child and I’m not intending to stop watching it anytime soon!

So there we are. Those are my favourite Christmas movies to date. There are obviously more that I love but not enough to get to the top five! Netflix’s A Christmas Prince is very festive if you like royal movies and if, like me, you like baking and The Parent Trap you will love Netflix’s The Princess Switch!

What are your favourite Christmas movies?

Thanks for reading!


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