Rome: A Recap

As of writing this, Friday 17th May, it is our last day in Rome. We had a light breakfast and checked out of the hotel at quarter past eleven, all packed; our suitcases twice the size than they were when we arrived on Sunday. Leaving our bags with the hotel reception, we headed out down the Corso to pick up some final bits. Jarrod wanted to get something for his mum, as he had bought his sister the Sephora items that she had requested and his dad a bottle of Italian liquor. We came across a small Italian jewellery shop where Jarrod found a beautiful necklace he knew his mum would like. It was a lovely necklace, I was almost tempted to buy one for myself!

All I wanted to buy was some colourful, unique pasta for home – I feel like you have to when you go to Italy, it’s like a law. We found a small produce shop by the Pantheon which sold all manner of pasta in shapes and sizes. I picked out the most unique, with most variety and we headed to our favourite restaurant for some lunch.

We ordered our mojitos, but this time, they were different. It was mixed a bit too strong and the sugar had not dissolved like it should. It wasn’t the same but it was still just as refreshing. We ordered a meats and cheese board (Jarrod ate most of the cheese – I still couldn’t face much) and for mains, we ordered the carbonara again; it came full circle: from our first meal in Rome being the carbonara to our last meal being the carbonara at the same restaurant. Tartufos were our last dessert and somehow tasted better than the first time. We ate whilst we watched the bustling Novona and listened to a band consisting of a double bass, a guitar and a saxophone playing their medley of songs. They were fantastic and deserved way more than my measly forty cents I gave them, but that was all I had left from my euros in cash!

We arrived back at the hotel waiting for five p.m. to roll around for our taxi to take us to the airport. I decided this was a good time to start writing this post, to pass the time and recap on my trip to Rome.

Everything had been excellent. The hotel we stayed at had been lovely, very convenient and very friendly. River Palace Hotel it’s called and I would totally recommend the place if you ever find yourself visiting Rome.

Although there are many people on the streets trying to sell you various items or get you to take a tour bus, they are usually alright when you say “No thank you” but there is the occasional one who is a bit more persistent and perhaps even throws shade or the casual insult but that only ever happened once to us (see my post ‘Incredible Sights and the Rude ‘Irishman’‘ for more).

The best part about this trip has to be the food. There wasn’t a bad meal we had, everything was delicious. Although, I’m fairly sure I’m going to lay off pizza and pasta for a while when we get home!

I loved this holiday and it was very special to me, mainly because it was the first holiday Jarrod and I have been on where it’s been just us two. We didn’t get on each others nerves (much!) and it proved that we are responsible adults. I would love to come back to Rome one day, it’s a beautiful city. The only thing I didn’t like as much was its rowdiness; crowds everywhere, not much traffic control and the people trying to get in your path attempting to sell you stuff. I won’t let this put me off it though.

I didn’t learn much, but what I did learn is ‘Despacito’ is a very common song played by buskers here, which made me want to stick ciabatta bread inside my ears, and yet I didn’t learn any Italian whatsoever.


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