What am I listening to right now?

Music has always been something I love, ever since I was young. I played the flute up to Grade 5 before my GCSEs came around and I wanted to go on to college to study music (how different my life could have been!) I was even in the school band where we played numbers such as the Wallace and Gromit theme, ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ from The Lion King and the Mission Impossible theme. Although we played most of the time, a friend of mine and myself did mess around a little and got the giggles a lot. I think our music teacher got fed up of us eventually, but we got some good laughs and memories out of it! Even though I only pick up my flute every now and again as opposed to everyday, music still moves me and I’m still as fascinated as I was in secondary school. So here are my top ten favourite songs ranked from least favourite to ‘ohmygodthissongissogoodyouneedtolistentoit’.

10. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish.

Now if you live on the internet like myself, you would already know that this song has been everywhere recently. Plenty of memes have come out of it, and it actually became one of my favourite memes at some point. Nevertheless, I really like the beat and the edginess of this song. My sister first introduced me to ‘Bad Guy’ and the rest of Eilish’s newest album and although there are a lots of great songs on that album, I think this one has the edge (quite literally) to make it to my top ten.

9. Legendary – Welshly Arms.

I first heard this one in a dance clip from World of Dance where one of the couples danced to it. It was a very powerful and lively dance and the music choice just made it ten times better. It’s quite a visceral song which I love in music.

8. Weak (Stay Strong Mix) – AJR ft Louisa Johnson.

This song isn’t exactly the genre I tend to listen to but it’s still a really well-made song. An animator, editor and Twitch streamer, Pixlpit, put this song on his Instagram story one day and I’ve been listening to it ever since. Even though songs like this aren’t usually my cup of tea, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of change every once in a while!

7. In My Blood – Shawn Mendes.

I knew I had to include a Shawn Mendes song, mainly because one of my friends would tell me off if I didn’t! In all seriousness, I share her love of Shawn Mendes music as well and quite recently this year, we both went to see him live for his tour of his new album. It was an incredible experience and one I will not forget in a hurry. I owe my friend so much for bringing me along. It was hard to choose a song from his newest album (and only on his newest album!) because there are so many I liked on there. On one hand there are songs which are great as a recording but on the other there are songs that sound miles better live. For me, ‘Bad Reputation’ is one of those songs. If you ever get a chance to see Shawn live, do not pass up the opportunity, I promise you won’t regret it.

6. Chop Suey! – System of a Down.

It usually comes as a surprise to some when I tell them that heavy metal is my favourite genre of music, because if I wasn’t wearing my System of a Down, AC/DC or Guns n’ Roses shirt or wearing eyeliner, no one would think it. Apparently I’m “too sweet” and “seem so innocent” (not my words, actual words of people I’ve met in the past!) And if I’m meeting new people (particularly women) for the first time, and they ask about my music taste, I usually just say, “Everything, really.” As for this song, I came across it when listening to System of a Down’s ‘Toxicity’ and decided to listen to their full album. ‘Chop Suey’ soon became one of my favourites just because how out there it was. It was a strange song but for whatever reason, I paid particular attention to the drumming and somehow, I fell in love with it. This song actually makes me want to sit in front of a drum kit and attempt to play it. Honestly, because of the amount of times I’ve listened to the song, I think I could probably do it.

5. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – Arctic Monkeys.

If, like me, you follow the antics of YouTube vlogger, Joe Sugg, AKA ThatcherJoe, you will know that last year he took part in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and even got to the final! In his and Dianne’s showdance, they did a very over-the-top and energetic routine to this song, which included practically running along the dancefloor, Joe bursting through a speaker, jumping on trampolines, headbanging, and even smashing a guitar at the end. Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t keel over in exhaustion mid-way through the dance! Strictly is where I first heard this song. I had only ever listened to ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ by the Arctic Monkeys in the past but this song soon became a new favourite of mine.

4. Zombie – Bad Wolves.

Most people know the original version by The Cranberries back in the 90’s but for me, I prefer this version; it’s a lot heavier which I love about it. I listened to it on repeat for days when it came out. I think I really annoyed Jarrod with it too because I kept singing it all the time. When we’re in the car and it comes on he always skips it now! (Sorry, J!)

3. From Now On – The Greatest Showman.

If you listen very carefully, you can hear all those that hate musicals groan. I know! The Greatest Showman, literally every girl is obsessed with it blah blah blah, but it’s bloody brilliant! It completely exceeded my expectations when I saw it in the cinema and the soundtrack became my new favourite musical soundtrack (and still is to this day!) It was so hard to pick just one of the songs because they are all fantastic and emotionally captivating: ‘The Greatest Show’, ‘Rewrite The Stars’, ‘A Million Dreams’, ‘This Is Me’ and of course the powerful (and probably my second favourite) ‘Never Enough’ were all so hard to choose between but ‘From Now On’ became my absolute favourite number. It’s the best part of the movie in my opinion; people dancing on the tables, the harmonies, just everything about it fills me with joy. Even though the beginning of the song is so quiet, and you need to turn it up to full volume just hear what Hugh Jackman is singing, it grows louder and louder then it goes quiet again at the end. It’s just one of those songs that makes you get up and dance.

2. Speechless – Aladdin (2019).

Are you still with me? I know it’s another musical but this number is especially important for feminism and equality, and considering as it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it, I had to include it in my top ten. If you haven’t seen this year’s live action Aladdin, Disney have empowered Jasmine in this version by making her want to become sultan herself without marrying, as opposed to the original cartoon where she was forced to be married so her husband could be the next sultan. This song is the most powerful Disney song I think there is for female empowerment, and Naomi Scott portrayed it perfectly. It’s about how Jafar and even her father can’t keep her trapped, “[she] won’t be silent” and “[they] can’t keep [her] quiet”, that she’s capable of doing anything she likes, including doing what is traditionally a man’s job. I was shocked at first to hear of an extra song that wasn’t in the original was going to be added but I am so glad they put this number in. It will inspire so many young girls to follow Jasmine’s lead.

1.Someone To You – BANNERS.

Recently my sister has been OBSESSED with a movie on Netflix called ‘After’. It’s a story based from a Harry Styles fanfiction but turned into a film with differently-named characters. She had a playlist of all the songs featured in the movie and was playing them in the car one time. This one came on and I instantly clocked it was BANNERS, a band whom I really liked but hadn’t religiously listened to in the past. I added it to my Spotify playlist and I’ve been listening to it ever since. At the moment, this is my current favourite song of all time; it’s so catchy, so happy, and it just sounds like a song of the summer. It lifts my mood instantly.

If you’re still here, then congratulations for reading probably one of the most dullest posts I’ve written! Those are the songs I’m listening to at the moment, but knowing me they will all change in a few weeks, give or take. What music are you listening to at the moment? I’m always looking for new music so I’d love some suggestions!

Thank you for reading!


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