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About Me:

I’m an independent eighteen year old with a creative mind. I’m currently studying Creative and Professional Writing at University of Winchester. I can play the flute and went up to Grade 5. I love to write, it’s very therapeutic for me. I’m quite nerdy – I love Marvel, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, playing games and reading. I am in a relationship with my best friend. I am the oldest sibling out of me and my sister, I am three years older than her. I’m very approachable; I will listen to any problem you may have and will offer advice where I can or if advice is not needed, I am a very good listener. If I were any of the Friends characters I would be Monica. I am super organised and clean. I am Gryffindor even though I tell myself I should be Hufflepuff because I am not brave at all! I love photography. I wanted to take it as an A-Level but needed GCSE art which I did not have, so now I use photography as a hobby.


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Email: simplyemily00@gmail.com