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A New Adventure Awaits!


And welcome to my first ever blog! You’ll have to bear with me, I’m usually horrible at introductions. At least writing an intro is easier than spontaneously improvising an introduction to someone new in person. But welcome. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and and couple of biscuits and make yourself at home because I’m about to tell you a little about me and my new adventure of blog writing. I hope you enjoy.

A bit about me:cropped-dsc_00071.jpg

I’ve always admired blog writers. I’ve followed vloggers with blogs such as Zoella, Tanya Burr and Wiishu- albeit, they all fall into a similar category of lifestyle but nevertheless, I continue to wonder to this day how they can make their blog flow so well. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, whether it be fiction, memoir, travel writing and even poetry- although now I believe that after several years of studying English Literature, poetry should be abolished.

Out of all these forms and genres of writing that I have practised, blog writing has never been one of them. The thought of writing a blog was ever so daunting to me. Would anyone read my work? Would it be worth it? What would I gain out of it?  Well I now know the answer to two of those questions. Yes, it would be worth it because it can help build confidence when sharing writing with others- which is probably the third most terrifying thing to me (below fire and deep water). And I will gain writing practise out of it. In September- providing I meet the conditional grades- I am being shipped off to the historical city of Winchester where I will be attending the University there. By writing a blog- maybe not every day but writing often- it will be good practise for the course I will be studying; Creative and Professional Writing. Fancy, huh?

What will this blog be about?

My number one aim for this blog is to not focus around one category, that’s the beauty of lifestyle. I’m hoping to cover topics which could possibly help other people who may being going through a similar thing, to offer advice, reviews, or just to simply write about a topic I’m interested in. There will be all sorts to write about and I can’t wait to get started!

How frequently will I update?

I’ll try to update quite frequently and consistently; at least once or twice a week? Depends what happens during my week and how exciting it is to write about.

That’s about it! Short and sweet for an introduction to a new beginning. I hope this blog can help others or at least be interesting to read.

And for the first time ever, thank you for reading.




An ‘Incredible’ Review!


It’s no secret nor recent news that Disney Pixar decided to make a sequel to their successful movie, The Incredibles. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wanted it. Who could blame us? If, like me, you were born between the years of 1994 and 2004, you’d understand that The Incredibles was one of the greatest movies of your childhood. Just hearing the powerful music is enough to throw you back to your childhood days, all comfy on the sofa with a bowl of cheesy pasta for dinner- anyone else think that pasta and cheese is the ultimate nostalgic meal?

The Incredibles was a movie for mothers to keep their children entertained for a couple of hours so they could have their well-deserved rest. It was, in my opinion, the best Disney Pixar movie ever created. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I went to see the second movie at the cinema last night…

Without spoiling anything, The Incredibles 2 was just as good as the first one. In terms of plot lines, I believe the second movie had a better, more interesting- and gripping at times- narrative and a brilliant plot twist; exactly what a terrific movie should contain. The comedy in it was gold; appealed to everyone and not just kids. Even though The Incredibles 2 is categorised as a children’s movie, it really does appeal to a variety of audiences such as my (almost) eighteen year old self.

Our favourite, original Elsa, Frozone/Lucius, is of course included in this movie. What would The Incredibles be without Lucius’ and Honey’s minor ‘disagreements’- “Honey? Where’s my super suit?” I was hoping against hope that there would be a re-enactment of that iconic scene which has been turned into memes of all kinds and spread across the internet. I was sorely disappointed.

And of course I can’t leave out baby Jack Jack. In this movie you can definitely see why and how he is the ‘Jack Of All Trades’. We all know that Jack Jack has powers- and many of them- as seen at the end of the first movie where he fights Syndrome and also in The Incredibles short film, Jack Jack Attack. (Not going to lie, that short film used to scare the crap out of me as a youngster.) In The Incredibles 2 there are some pretty awesome- and often badass- scenes that include the innocent baby which are totally worth the watch.


If you ever have the opportunity to watch the sequel to the best Disney Pixar movie ever made, watch it! It’s super funny, sometimes relatable and just overall a fantastic piece of art. Five stars.

That’s it. My first proper blog post. What do you think? As I’ve said in my introductory blog post, I will be writing a variety of things. So if reviews aren’t your cup of tea- or coffee- then don’t worry, I have many other things planned for this blog and I hope you like them!

Thank you for reading!




A Day In The Life- Sun and Realisation

It’s rare for us, England, to get as much sun as we have been getting for the past few months. In my head, a good analogy of England, is rain being a permanent feature of outside and grumpy Brits complaining about it 24/7. The recent weather has put that analogy of us to bed for a while, as the sunshine casts its golden glow on the population below- except for the few people who complain when it’s too hot too. There’s no pleasing you, is there?

Just as predicted, the sun beamed brightly this morning. My boyfriend, Jarrod, and I had arranged to go down to Hayling Island. I had all these plans in my head that we could do, play games in the arcades, relax on the beach eating fish and chips- or ‘chish and fips’ as my comedian of a boyfriend likes to call them. But by the time we got round to the arcade, we both realised we were out of place. We saw too many children and not one person looked our age. The only people who were older than us were the parents of the children running and screaming. It was at this point were I realised that I was too old for this now. Jarrod knew this too. We spent a bit of time on a couple of games; a played Temple Run and we both used the 2p machines for a little while before we ran out of copper and patience with the level of noise inside the arcade.


After grabbing some fries and a Pepsi from Wimpy, we decided to make our way to the beach instead. Surely we’re not too old for the beach? Hayling Island beach isn’t exactly the comfiest of places. Instead of smooth sand there are firm stones. Luckily I brought a blanket. You can’t complain when you’re laying on the beach with the sun beaming down on you, feeling the heat on your skin- even you fussy ones! We fancied ice cream to cool us down. I trudged through the stones in my Converse to the nearby refreshments shack. Jarrod wanted mint choc chip. Refreshing. When it comes to ice cream, I’m boring; plain old vanilla for me.

Part of me wanted to stay on the beach all afternoon but another part of me said, ‘and do what…?’ Jarrod and I headed back towards our home but instead of going to our houses, we decided that the day wasn’t over just yet. We drove to Chichester Gate to do some bowling in the new refurbished building. After a conundrum of a member of staff trying to charge us £33 for two games of bowling when we’ve never paid more than £20 (WHAT?!), we finally play. I’m garbage at bowling. Utter crap actually. Jarrod won of course and not just by a few points either. With flying colours: 70 something to 40 something.


The day had to end sometime. Although my plans for Hayling Island didn’t exactly turn out how I thought they would, today was still a good day. It was also a wonderful way to spend time with Jarrod before he flies off to Italy for a week- man, I hope he has WiFi wherever he’s staying. 

One thing’s for certain, I am not going back to an arcade/fair… in the middle of the summer holidays… on a hot day!


Thank you for reading!