As well as writing, photography has always been another passion of mine. I’ve loved taking photos and capturing the special moments ever since I was young. My dad has always been into photography as well. A few years ago he got a Nikon camera for his birthday and that prompted me to want one of my own. Two years ago, I got one for Christmas and it has been one of the best presents I’ve ever received. I remember how amazed I was by the quality of it. For years I had worked with an iPhone camera- which doesn’t exactly match up in comparison- so I was absolutely thrilled that I could take higher-quality photos (and also up my Instagram game!)

I take my camera nearly everywhere I go now. If it’s a summer’s night with a beautiful sunset, I go for a walk and take my camera with me. If I go on holiday, my camera joins me. If I’m out with friends, guess what, my camera tags along too.

Editing the photos I take is very therapeutic as well. I had so much fun in A-Level Media Studies when we had to make videogame covers using Photoshop and our own photography. I’m such a perfectionist with every element of photography; the positioning, the lighting, the shadowing, the editing. Every photo has to be (literally) picture perfect.